Finalizing preparations for the PCT

One of the biggest changes to my life recently has been my descision to leave my job guiding and focus of readying myself physically for the PCT. But Brien, isn’t the best possible way to prepare for such a trip working a job that includes a lot of hiking? While on paper that sounds wonderful, the actual truth is that my knees need a chance to test and recover, descending Acatenango includes losing almost 5000′ in about a mile and a half. My IT Bands are done! So I am spending a good portion of each day focusing on stretching and strengthening my knees.

I have also taken a highly enjoyable job as a barista and head chef at a local cafe in Antigua. It’s nice to chill out and make some coffee and design some sandwiches.

At this point I am just relaxing and training for the PCT, I have received my permit for the trail, and my application for the special visa required to enter Canada via the PCT has been approved! I have about half the gear I will be using here in Guatemala, and the other half is sitting in an array of boxes at my mother’s house. I have upgraded a few things for my thru-hike this year, basically just to get either lighter or higher quality. I will make a separate post going into greater detail about that.

My resupply strategy is figured out and I can’t move forward with buying food for the boxes or making food until I’m back in the states… 

So I actually find myself really struggling.. bored with no immediate projects or goals… I suppose I just wait 21 days til I’m flying home now… And try to get anything else that Antigua has to teach me.